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LaunchPad is a fantastic student resource that allows the buds of business ideas to bloom. LaunchPad inspired an entrepreneurial spirit in me that I did not realise existed. I could not recommend them highly enough to other students who are seeking business advice.
Christopher McBrearty
The LaunchPad gave me a great introduction into the world of entrepreneurship. It was an invaluable learning experience, where I was pushed to think in an innovative and critical manner. I gained many skills including design thinking, teambuilding and communication. It was very beneficial to meet and work with people from diverse educational backgrounds. I would highly recommend the LaunchPad to anyone eager to further develop and challenge themselves.
Rachel Beatty
Launchpad has helped me enhance entrepreneurial skills I never thought I would have! I’m studying biomedical science in college and decided to step out of my comfort zone by getting involved in things not necessarily connected with my course; product design and enterprise. Launchpad has supported this learning curve by it’s weekly lunch time talks and events organized. This year I was involved in coming up with a mHealth product, launchpad provided many workshops as well as mentors to help provide information and guidance. I also applied for funding with the explore project with the help of launchpad for another project I am working on involving science outreach to children. Launchpad has given me so many brilliant opportunities and I’m so glad that I became involved with them this year.
Charlotte Lucas
LaunchPad has supported me as a PhD student by providing workshops and opportunities to become more comfortable and confident with developing the skills I need to become an entrepreneur and innovator. The programme offers great opportunities for funding and supporting creativity and linking my drama-based PhD with other supports and events at the university. I was grateful to be an intern this year so that I could make connections with the staff and associated supports on campus.
Heidi Schoenenberger

Without the LaunchPad our college project would have been just that and never progressed onto the stage of a startup. The LaunchPad is a vital resource in NUI Galway and I look forward to working with them in the future.
Eric Callanan
As a postgraduate student in BioInnvation at NUIG I feel that I received substantial support from LaunchPad. I had the opportunity to participate in educational activities and to acquire skills such as stakeholder interviewing and to learn about important models such as the business canvas model. I also participated in the LaunchPad Lift pitch competition. This was a great opportunity to practice the delivery of a startup pitch and the feedback received by the LaunchPad panel was very useful. In addition, I participated in talks and meetings organised by LaunchPad. These were great opportunities to expand my knowledge about entrepreneurship and were a source of inspiration as well as being an important networking opportunity.
Nadav Ben-Haim
Over the past semester Launchpad has aided me in developing new skills, learning more about entrepreneurship and the business world as well as becoming more confident in working with people. Launchpad has given me the opportunity to meet many incredible people from the entrepreneurial world as well as broaden my horizons. The time and effort put in by all those working with or alongside Launchpad has made me realize the determination and willingness put in everyday by all those involved. By being involved in such a wonderful environment I have gained incredible knowledge and interest in both business and entrepreneurship and would love to continue on my journey with Launchpad in the years to come. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences Launchpad has given me and feel I have met many extraordinary people full of bright ideas who I'm sure will not hesitate in giving me and others guidance in the future.
Aoife O’Grady-Corcoran