Our Story

Since 2015, LaunchPad has been a key driver of student innovation on our campus. Our program is designed to empower students to demonstrate enterprise, innovation and creativity and engage with business and society. Our activities are directed toward enhancing competencies and qualities that create value with immediate and future impact. Developing the talent of our student community is an underlying aim of our strategy. We do this through by providing students with access to coaching, events, workshops, networks, mentoring and competitions that enable them to develop, test and refine their entrepreneurial skills. Since 2016, LaunchPad has supported over 7,000+ students, coached over 3,000 coaching sessions, organised over 250 workshops and events and awarded over €1,000,000 in funding to support student ventures and internships across the NUI Galway Campus.

Launchpad exists to enable NUI Galway students to solve problems and be entrepreneurial. We do this through creative and innovative co-curricular approaches to training and by inspiring students to be the best version of themselves on graduation, whether through creation of an enterprise or as an entrepreneurial employee.

We look forward to working with you in over the 2019 / 20 academic year.

Coaching Sessions
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