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#NUIGalway students are invited to take part in a 10 minute survey looking at how you are feeling at this present time and how you are accessing #COVID19 info online

Take the survey here ⬇️
https://t.co/fZl0ApAvTg https://t.co/zpMUjzEpW5
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Best wishes to NUI Galway PhD graduate and Galway native, Dr. Ronan Glynn, who has been appointed to Acting Chief Medical Officer. Our thoughts are with Dr. Tony Holohan and his family at this time. #nuigalwayalumni #nuigalway @JCGalway https://t.co/hxTLLr4K4H LaunchPadNUIG photo

So proud to see @LaunchPadNUIG team member @EmilyAHWallace shortlisted for the @JCIGalway Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in Medical a Innovation. A innovation star on the rise and an inspiration to us all 💫 #jcigalway #teamemily #proudmoment @NUIGalwayMed @nuigalway https://t.co/8Mj2LJYnfg
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JCI Galway Ireland @JCIGalway
Congratulations to Emily Wallace who was shortlisted as a finalist in the Ten Oustanding Young Person Awards in the medical innovation category.


#TOYP2020 #TOYP #jci #jcigalway #juniorchamber #galway #awards #InspiredByUs https://t.co/jvLGGSXn9T

We are so ready for #SoapboxScienceGalway TOMORROW from 12-2pm! Come hear @Gillian_Murphy1
@CURAMdevices tell us what's inside a heart-shaped protein by following our page for the livestream here: https://t.co/9OBHvacmjr https://t.co/gsutm6pNqP
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Reminder to all students - check out if you qualify for a SUSI grant for college & get your application in in the next week. Also flexibility in the grant application for #Covid19 income changes in your house - a reality for many. Spread the word! https://t.co/B0Z9yTKQnM

By admin / April 16, 2020